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Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the high quality products to our customer,all of our fittings are subject to strict in-process inspection at each stage of the production process, from starting material handling to finished product shipping. They are visually examined for conformity to Kaysen Engineer according to the specifications and tested in accordance with applicable ASTM, ASME, MSS, DIN, EN, and JIS codes and standards. Upon request, officially certified test agents can be called in to witness the inspection procedures.
The following in-process inspections are performed:
-Visual Inspection
-Dimensional Inspection
-Shape Inspection
-Hardness Test
-Temperature Check
-Processing Conditions Check
-Material Identification (marking)
-Mechanical Tests
-Non Destructive Testing
-Other Inspections
Our Strengths: 
-ISO 9001: 2008,PED 97/23/EC,CE,CQC certificates
-Wide Range of Products 
-Strategic Location
-Effective Logistics
-Customized ERP solutions
-24hours call on technical Support Services
-Commitment to Quality & Reliability

Contact Us

Kaysen Steel Industry Co.,Ltd
Tel:  0086-577-86866707
Fax: 0086-577-86866707
Mob: 0086-15906484621

E-mail: sales@kaysensteel.com
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