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China Vaccum Components-Centering Rings

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China Vaccum Components-Centering Rings

The centering ring assemblies are placed between two KF flanges with matching outer diameters. The catalogry are include KF Centering Ring and ISO Centering Rings, Center ring with screen, KF center ring adapter with O-ring. The centering ring complete with O’ring should be used when joining with any two KF flanges with a quick clamp. They are commonly used to build foreline vacuum plumbing and process systems. Kaysen offer the KF centering ring with O’ring are used for foreline vacuum plumbing and for simple high vacuum(HV) chamber ports andthey also application vacuum industry standard for ultra-high vacuum applications.

  • Centering Ring: 304 S.S. or Aluminum (Other material available upon request)

  • O’ring: Viton or NBR

  • Outer Ring: Aluminum

  • Overpressure Ring: SS304

  • Vacuum range : 1×10-8 Torr

  • Temperature range : 150 °C(Viton) / 80 °C(NBR)

  • Size: KF10 ~ KF50 ISO63-ISO500


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KF Center Rings.jpg

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